Lead Dev at AKQA for Audi's first Audi on Demand Venture in the US.


Sustainable Mobility - Innovative premium service allows customers to choose their preferred Audi.

Many people want to continue driving cars, but fewer and fewer people want to buy one. AKQA and Audi Business Innovation developed a whole new offering for Audi enthusiasts, Audi on Demand, a service in the field of sustainable mobility and car-sharing. 


The Result

Audi on Demand gives Audi enthusiasts a premium experience, a mobility program that gives customers a new way to experience the Audi brand and its range of vehicles, by renting any Audi car they wished, delivered and picked up by a dedicated concierge. 

Audi on Demand prioritizes personalization and experience, ensuring customers have the perfect vehicle for any occasion. Through the app, customers can easily lock, unlock, and start their chosen vehicle. The app accurately reflects the delivered vehicle, including color and trim. Complimentary accessories are also available for further customization.

The Impact

The future of mobility. Rent an Audi, own the experience.

In 2017, Audi on Demand had a total of 12k registered users. The plan reached a six-figure registration total in 2018.

Audi on Demand launched in San Francisco (2015) and Munich (2016), expanding to Hong Kong and Beijing in 2017, followed by Singapore and Manchester in early 2018. Over subsequent years, Audi refined its mobility network, updating the service and business model.

“Audi on Demand embodies the brand’s core values of technological progress and a love for discovery.”

-  Mark Del Rosso, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Audi. 


total registered users in 2017


total registered users in 2018