Product and Tech Lead at AKQA for Douglas' first digital product - a curated, personalised beauty services platform.


Douglas is the First Retailer to Create a Marketplace for Beauty Services

Douglas, the Europe's leading beauty and lifestyle products seller, has been pursuing a digital first strategy under the motto #FORWARDBEAUTY, to move the digital beauty trade to the centre of the growth strategy.

To explore new digital businesses, Douglas contacted AKQA to create Douglas' first digital product, a personalised digital brand experience.


First-Ever Beauty Service Marketplace Launches in Major German Cities

AKQA and Douglas co-created Douglas Beauty Booking; a beauty service booking platform, where customers find and book curated beauty services matching their specific needs. 

The service expands Douglas's in-store offerings. Integral to Douglas' #ForwardBeauty strategy, the platform accelerates data-driven personalization, aiming to be the comprehensive marketplace for beauty products and services.

The Beauty Booking system fosters a direct customer relationship with integrated loyalty rewards, ensuring a smooth experience. Recommendations for products, services, and content are tailored to visitors' interactions with Douglas and third-party suppliers.

Douglas Beauty Booking Fuels Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Douglas is now interconnected from salon to e-commerce and retail stores, unifying digital and physical touchpoints. Douglas leverages its 8 million Beauty Card users to attract new customers for service providers.

“In the beauty business, the future belongs to those who can provide customers with unique experiences. With Douglas Beauty Booking, we are the first retailer to create a marketplace for beauty services, underscoring our innovation leadership.”  

- Tina Müller, Douglas Group CEO.


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