Digital experience platform expert at AKQA for Rituals' ecommerce award winning redesign.


34% Revenue Growth Fueled by Digital Makeover.

Rituals aspires to provide customers with an exceptional online shopping experience, mirroring the high service level offered in-store. This vision guided the redesign, a collaborative effort between AKQA and Emakina, aiming to completely transform Rituals' online shopping experience.


A composable cloud architecture brings in-store ceremonies to an online platform 

Rituals as the basis. A digital retail experience where wellbeing is part of the journey.

Rituals successfully transitioned its in-store ceremonies to an online platform by focusing on immersive digital storytelling. Through compelling video, photography, and high-quality content, users experience the origin stories of each ritual. The redesigned website, a collaboration between AKQA and Emakina, ensures simple transitions, curated yoga and meditation content, and personalized gifting, promoting relaxation and engagement.

Rituals.com takes home gold at the Dutch Creative Awards (SpinAward 2019) 

The fastest-growing beauty brand in Europe is growing even faster.

Rituals.com successfully launched in 26 countries and 10 languages, resulting in a notable boost in performance. Within the initial weeks post-relaunch, visitor numbers surged by 35%, individual sessions increased by 28%, and the conversion rate saw a remarkable 5% rise. The new platform drove a significant 33% increase in user engagement, translating to a 34% growth in online revenue.

Rituals.com takes home gold at the Dutch Creative Awards (SpinAward 2019) in the category: E-Commerce, for the global redesign project.

 “When you get to the website you instantly feel like you are part of a Rituals world where you can almost smell the products, which makes the site a perfect extension of the stores. It is an e-commerce site that is complete and inspiring, and on top of that, converts highly.” - SpinAward jury report.


“This might just be the coolest site we've ever worked on. It has become a website where experience is central and that it also converts so well, that is really great.” - Kirsten van Gelderen - Rituals.