Tech Delivery Lead for Jägermeister’s new digital experience platform.


Jägermeister Masters the Mix: New Brand Identity, Technical Modernization and Cost-Efficiency

Jägermeister is enjoyed worldwide, a drink synonymous with shots and celebration. To be relevant to new generations, as well as a new targeted consumer, Jägermeister sought to elevate their brand perception. The new Jägermeister experience was made in Germany by AKQA's Berlin studio.


Brand Consistency Meets Cost-Efficiency with New Design System

To ensure a cohesive brand experience across all 16 global markets, a unified content platform and design system were created. This system acts as a brand bible, providing all markets with the same building blocks – fonts, colors, layouts, components – to craft localized content that still feels undeniably Jägermeister.

The beauty? This system fosters brand control and cost-efficiency. Shared resources and components across markets eliminate the need for redundant design work, allowing each market to optimize their budget by simply reusing pre-approved assets and components. It's a win-win for brand consistency and financial savvy.

Global Redesign, Cloud Transformation, 80% Hosting Cost Reduction, Winners of an Awwward Honourable Mention

The new Jägermeister.com features Bauhaus-inspired typography, a rich green, amber and gold palette, and footage expressing the energy of the legendary herbal liqueur. A fully responsive mobile-first website with a flexible MACH architecture, which reduced hosting cost by 80%, makes it easy to create and publish content across platforms, ensuring optimal performance. These efforts allowed Jägermeister to improve its overall Brand Ranking—moving it into the top 5 in the Spirits category worldwide.

The website redesign received an Awwward Honourable Mention.

“With our new site, we use our past to take Jägermeister into the future. Our new visual identity is a celebration of our German heritage and brings the Jägermeister story to a new generation of trendsetters and rule-breakers.”  - Felix Jahnen - Jägermeister Head of Global Digital Marketing.


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